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Inventor of useless things

While working on attempt#3 for the KAAP festival exhibition I was asked to participate in a short documentary about how I work. We decided to focus on the process of inventing and took my “borstcrawlmachine” as an example. The documentary was part of an education…

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Circuitbend workshop

Following the succes of last years lunetta workshop I decided to do another workshop, this time about circuitbending. A total of 10 fine arts students joined for a week of bleeps and solder fumes. After some quick tips on soldering and circuitbending the students were…

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Lunetta workshop

A workshop I gave as part of the seminar period at the HKU school for fine arts. 4 days of noise and experimenting with cmos chips, a great way to learn basic electronics and sound synthesis. The entire workshop is solder free with the use…

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