Attempt #2 at Kaalstaart

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Kaalstaart Festival voor de betakunsten en nieuwe ambachten, 18-19-20 October 2014, Kunsthal de Kade, Amersfoort.

Back in October 2013 I took part in a 3 day festival for technical arts in Amersfoort called Kaalstaart. 

Instead of showing a finished work I decided to show the process of “inventing”. During the 3 day festival I rebuild attempt #1 to use syringes as a form of hydraulic control. With some helpful volunteers we managed to make the prototype travel it’s first baby steps.


Bpv- _Kaalstaart2013_ 20131020 330

Bpv- _Kaalstaart2013_ 20131020 331

Bpv- _Kaalstaart2013_ 20131020 350