Robot relations

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EX-bunker, 10-2014, old WWII bunker in Wilhelmina Park, Utrecht

Techniek ontwikkeld zich op een razend tempo, nu de stofzuigerrobot, straks een robotische huishoudhulp en wie weet waar we over 20 jaar zijn.
Is Robotica iets om te omarmen of om bang voor te zijn? Of misschien is de robot wel bang voor ons?
In exbunker presenteer ik een nieuw werk in mijn onderzoek naar robotica als kunstvorm.
Technology is evolving at an ever increasing rate, today the vacuum robot, tomorrow robotic appliances and who knows what the future might bring.
Is robotics something to embrace or be afraid of? Or what if the robots are afraid of us?
In exbunker I present my latest research in robotics as a artform.

Robotics are fascinating to me. And with new developments in technology it’s finally possible for a amateur like me to experiment with artificial intelligence. I started with the idea of making a robot wich is afraid of humans, a robot that does not want to be seen. So when the visitor uses the provided flashlight and tries to “see” the robot it will try to flee back into the darkness.

Technical details for those who are interested:
The robot uses 4 Light dependant resistors to sense the direction the light is coming from and then chooses the direction in which it has the most freedom to run away. The robot is powered by a 3 cell lipo battery and it’s being controlled with a arduino mega running custom software. Build into the code are several scenarios which are executed whenever a certain light threshold is reached resulting in somewhat unpredictable behavior.