some early experiments

First test with shift registers to generate “random” patterns.

Showing off the LED’s.

The first attempt at getting visuals from my lunetta. Im using the output of the lunetta to drive a circuit wich generates a very basic composite video signal.

12-08-2010 Insanity session
a 15 minute uninterrupted recording.

15-09-2010 Light Noise
This is a device wich uses 12 light sensors to generate very complex sounds from the most basic of components. For those who are interested, it’s 12 40106 oscillators at different frequency’s all being mixed together through diodes.

29-09-2010 The maggot controlled oscillator
A little silly experiment with one maggot, a tube and a lightsensor. It was the inspiration for the insect orchestra installation more than a year later.

02-10-2010 FlexMix
3 different sound outputs from my lunetta being mixed through a piece of antistatic foam wich changes resistance according to pressure.

03-05-2011 TV oscilloscope
a very crude way of seeing a waveform.